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Reorder - Broadway Computer Checks Business - Compact Size Duplicate Checks, Green Marble Design - # 512OON

Benefits And Features

Compact business checks are perfect for organizations that only need small quantities. These Green Marble business checks perform as great as they look, with instant duplicates for easy record-keeping!

Item#:  Size: 

  • Choose 80 checks with 20 deposit slips, or 160 checks with 40 deposit slips.
  • All orders go through proprietary screening to prevent unauthorized orders.
  • Unique register for tracking business expenses.
  • Built-in check security trusted by 7,000 financial institutions nationwide, with features such as chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, invisible fluorescent fibers, erasure protection, security screen & warning box.
  • Compact duplicate checks (6 x 2 3/4″) plus deposit tickets bound behind checks.
  • 2-part carbonless duplicate checks for instant copies and fast, easy record keeping.
  • Comes with a duplicate vinyl cover

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Allow 5-7 Business Days for order to be shipped

All Orders Should Please Be Accompanied By A Voided Check . 
Voided check can be faxed to (718)855-5919
Please reference  your Order # on the Check (an Order # will be received  after submitting your order)
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We have all types of checks and accessories that you need for your business and personal use.

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